Want to sample some of our over 40 different fragrances. Our scented wax melts are a great way to sample our selection. Each scent shot wax melt is 1 oz of scented wax ( equal to 2 cubes from a clamshell wax melt) and can be used in any wax warmer. 


    These scent tarts are offered as a FREEGIFT when you signup for our free KEYClub Membership.

    Want to choose your 4 samples? Send us a message to customize your sample pack. Enter the promo code at checkout to apply the discount.


    Homestead Collection 

    1 - 1 oz Black Cypress + Cassis

    1 - 1 oz Country Breeze

    1 - 1 oz Cowboy

    1 - 1 oz Oakmoss + Amber


    Heritage Collection

    1 - 1oz Cajun Cabin

    1 - 1 oz Feliciana Hills

    1 - 1 oz Midnight in New Orleans

    1 - 1 oz River Birch


    Haven Collection

    1 - 1 oz White Sage + Lavender

    1 - 1 oz Day at the Spa

    1 - 1 oz Lush Linen

    1 - 1 oz Relaxation



    Contact us to choose your 4 scent samples.



    Assorted Wax Tart Sample 4 Pack

    • Willowood candles and melts are hand-poured using a premium, all natural wax blend specially formulated for container candles to create a luxurious, creamy white candle with optimal fragrance performance.


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